WATCH: Seth Meyers Day Drinking with Rihanna

Seth Meyers skipped his “Late Night” monologue after day drinking with Rihanna. He was so hung over that he just laid his head on his desk. 

The two started out with shots and graduated to chugging beer. Then the “Late Night” host started making drinks based off RiRi’s hits. He made her

·Under My Rumbella with Rum balls and Rum Raisin ice cream

·Bitch Better Have My Bunny with Tequila in a Chocolate bunny

·Diamonds in the Rye featuring Rye Whiskey and Blue Diamond Almond Milk

·We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place with Twinkies and Veuve Clicquot 

After that, Seth played a drinking game with Rihanna that involved him showing her pictures of herself in various outfits and challenged her to tell him where she’d worn them. He also did bad pickup lines and allowed her to put Fenty makeup on him. After he performed her songs for her, they finished up with a shot for the road.

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