Dr. Dre Sued For Mistreatment By Housekeepers

Dr. Dre has some problems at home - two former housekeepers who claim that he and his wife, Nicole Young, mistreated them.

The women are suing for labor code violations and unfair business practices in a 15-page complaint. They say that Dre and his wife didn’t allow them proper meal time or breaks.

One woman was employed as a “laundress” from September 2015 to September 2018, and claims she was allowed only a few minutes to eat - sometimes not until her 6th hour of work. 

She also claims she is owed money.

The other, who served as a housekeeper and cook, said that when she'd leave the property for a lunch break, a house manager would text her and order her to come back and cook.

Dr. Dre was also previously sued by a different housekeeper back in 2015.

(via NY Daily News)

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