Taylor Swift's Bisexual "Easter Egg"

Taylor Swift fans dissect every millisecond of her music videos. They believe embedded in the “You Need to Calm Down” video a bisexual Easter Egg.

Taylor wears a tri-colored wig in the video. The colors – blue, purple, and magenta -- happen to be the same ones in the bisexual pride flag. Swifties are saying on social media that this is Taylor’s way as coming out. 

One fan tweeted “Taylor Swift is the queen of reading into every single seemingly unimportant detail. There is no chance in the 7 circles of hell that she dyed her hair to match the bisexual flag by ACCIDENT -- absolutely not.”

For nearly five years, there’s been a rumor of Taylor playing both ways. In between dating Harry Styles and Calvin Harris, Taylor spent a year with model Karlie Kloss. They shared Taylor’s Tribeca penthouse. Some people are convinced Karlie was more than just a squad member and was Taylor’s secret lover. (Elle)

Taylor has publicly dated only men. She committed to Joe Alwyn almost two years ago.

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