People Love The Way Keanu Reeves Poses With Female Fans

2019 is really turning into the year of Keanu Reeves, and now he's getting even more praise on Twitter - this time, for the way he poses with female fans.

One fan noticed a trend in photos that Keanu has taken with women, where he does a “hover hand” around them instead of letting his hand touch their back or shoulders.

Although the initial tweet joked that he's "taking no chances" in the era of the #MeToo movement, many fans were quick to point out that instead, it's a huge sign of respect on his part.

“He’s respectful,” one person tweeted. “This should be how it’s done unless ya know the woman doesn’t mind being touched. Keanu should inspire us all.”

Once again, Keanu Reeves proves why he's the nicest guy in Hollywood.

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