Hugh Grant "Too Ugly, Old, and Fat" Now For Rom-Coms

It looks like Hugh Grant is officially done doing rom-coms!

“I’ve gotten too old and ugly and fat to do them anymore,” Hugh said to The Hollywood Reporter, when he was asked if he has an inferiority complex because he’s “just the guy from romantic comedies.”

He says he can't complain about the movies he did in the genre; he just feels like he's moved past them now.

"I was very lucky … Most of those romantic comedies I can look squarely in the face — one or two are shockers, but on the whole I can look them in the face and people like them.”

Not only did he call himself old, unattractive and overweight - but he also stresses that he was NOT the sweet guy he played on screen so often.

“People saw all those romantic comedies where I was being a nice guy, and they used to think, ‘Oh, Hugh must be like that,’ ” he said. “But I’m vile. Really.”

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