Virginia Beach Shooter Maybe Targeted Department Supervisors

Virginia Beach authorities are still trying to find a motive for the shooter who killed 12 people in the municipal center building he worked in last Friday.

Now, according to one survivor and a city councilman, there seems to be speculation that he was targeting supervisors in his department.

The survivor described how the shooter walked down a hallway past many employees on the second floor of the building before he started firing - and the area where he began his attack was a place where senior engineers and supervisors sat.

“He was looking for specific people apparently, at least at first,” said Louis Jones, a Virginia Beach councilman and former mayor whose grandson was interning in the public works department and working on the second floor when the shooting happened.

The shooter was a longtime engineer in the city’s Department of Public Utilities.

He had submitted a short letter of resignation the morning of the shooting, saying that he was giving his two weeks’ notice “due to personal reasons,” and that “it has been a pleasure to serve the City."

(via WTKR)

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