Jill Duggar's Sex Advice to Wives: Don't Go It Alone

Reality show star Jill Duggar offered sex advice for married women. Top of the list from her latest blog post is “have sex often” in order to keep the husbands satisfied.

Jill is from the famous Duggar family featured in the series 19 Kids and Counting. She and husband Derick Dillard have just two kids.

Jill suggests that happy couples have sex at least three times a week. She believes “fulfilling sexual desires alone” kills your sex drive with your partner. So resist the temptation to scratch that itch.

Jill Duggar advises women to always dress nice for their husbands. Shower before he comes home from work so you’re “fresh” for him. She believes in buying sexy lingerie for special occasions including holidays and birthdays. Every kiss, including the hello and goodbye kinds, should last a minimum of six seconds.

She writes “Remember, your husband is not your dad.” In addition, women should never behave like their mother-in-law. (New York Post)

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