VA Beach Shooting Survivor Thought It Was A Drill

The city of Virginia Beach was hit with a tragedy late Friday afternoon when a city employee opened fire in his work building, killing 12 people.

One of the survivors, Ned Carlstrom, says that he actually ran into the shooter THREE times - and he initially thought there was an elaborate staged drill going on for the employees.

Ned made eye contact with the shooter twice during the whole event, as the fire alarm was blaring. He says the shooter never even pointed the gun at him.

“By the way he walked past me, he barely gave me a glance and never broke stride,” he said. “I either thought he was playing the part of the bad guy or playing the part of someone pursuing a bad guy.”

Ned said he wonders why his life was spared over everyone else who got in the shooter's path, but he feels lucky to be alive.

Read the full story here.

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