Sacha Baron Cohen Says Borat Caused Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock's Divorce

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock were married for less than four months until they divorced in 2006.

Their divorce just happened to occur two weeks after the hit comedy Borat premiered, and many have speculated over the years that her appearance in the movie may have contributed to the split.

In a new interview in The Daily Beast, Sacha Baron Cohen himself confirms that it's true.

In the movie, Borat attends one of Pamela's book signings and tries to put her in a traditional marriage sack and bring her back to Kazakhstan to be his wife. (For reference, you can watch the scene below)

Sacha Baron Cohen said that Pamela told him about the split herself via text after it happened. He asked her after a screening, “How did it go? What did he think?”

She texted back that she and Kid Rock were getting divorced, and when Sacha asked her why, she simply said, “The movie.”

He thought it was a joke until they officially got divorced a few weeks later.

This is the first time that Sacha Baron Cohen has spoken publicly about the whole situation. He also revealed that Pamela was the only person in the movie that was in on the joke besides the actors, "otherwise, it would have been kidnapping."

(via The Daily Beast)

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