Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Putting their Baby at Risk?

Is Kim Kardashian putting her baby at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS? That’s what a lot of people say after she and Kanye West shared a picture of little Psalm West

The baby, who arrived on May 10th, was shown in a crib surrounded by blankets and a bumper in his crib. Many worried that the child would suffocate. One ER doctor wrote, “Please please please go pay an overpriced ‘sleep consultant’ to get all that unnecessary padding, bumpers, and blankets out of your child’s crib so they are not at risk for SIDS. I’ve tried and failed to resuscitate too many children that have died this way.” 

Another follower said, “I really hope Kim and Kanye only used the cushion thingie for the pic but kinda wish they had photographed wee Psalm lying flat and swaddled in an empty crib. (For SIDS reasons. Cushions, bumpers, blankets, pillows all discouraged by pediatricians and their audience is HUGE.)” So far, Kim hasn’t responded.


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