Lori Loughlin 'Mounting Vigorous Defense' In College Scandal

Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli are reportedly very involved in their defense for the college admissions scandal.

According to a source, the two are "both very type A" and "mounting a vigorous defense against the charges."

Lori and Mossimo are facing charges of mail fraud and money laundering conspiracy for paying $500,000 to get their daughters Isabella and Olivia into the University of Southern California.

If convicted, they could get up to 40 years in prison.

Speaking of Olivia... she's now saying that she wants to return to school and show people that she’s changed. She was never actually kicked out of USC - she left on her own - but no word yet about whether or not the school would actually take her back.

(via People)

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