Kim Kardashian Can Tank Your Business with a Tweet

Kim Kardashian tweeted Monday morning at the fast-food chain Jack In The Box how she sent them an email concerning “a serious complaint.”

Twitter erupted with “let me speak to your manager” memes.

Rather than air her grievances on social media, Kim simply told her 60 million Twitter followers, (quote) “Hey Jack In The Box, I have a serious complaint but I won't fully put you on blast. Check your corporate email inbox or send me a DM with direct person for my team to contact. Pronto!”

Their stock plummeted minutes later and never recovered.

That got the corporate office’s attention. They replied in a tweet, (quote) “Hi Kim, we are unable to DM you. Please send us a DM with how we can get in touch with your team and someone will reach out immediately.”

Eight hours later, she thanked the fast-food chain for their “quick response in handling the situation.” Kim gets the job done. Though nobody knows for sure what that job was. (Daily Mail)

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