'Game Of Thrones' Ended And Fans Are Conflicted


The final episode of Game of Thrones aired last night, and the question of who will sit on the Iron Throne was finally answered - but maybe not in the way fans expected.

Here's a quick breakdown of the major events:

  • Tyrion confronted Daenerys and she imprisoned him for treason
  • Tyrion and Arya tried convincing Jon that Dany is NOT fit to be queen, as Jon kept defending her
  • Jon finally killed Daenerys
  • Drogon burned and melted the Iron Throne
  • Jon was imprisoned and deemed unfit to rule on the throne
  • Bran was chosen as the leader of the SIX kingdoms, and named Tyrion his Hand of the King
  • Sansa made Winterfell an independent kingdom and was crowned queen
  • Grey Worm and the Unsullied set sail for Missandei's home of Naath
  • Arya decided to leave and travel west of Westeros, "where the maps end"
  • Jon returned to the North, with the Night's Watch and the Wildlings

Of course, fans are divided about the way everything went down in the finale. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions!

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