Robert Pattinson On Short List To Be The Next Batman

The newest star to become Batman has not been chosen just yet...

Early reports were claiming that Robert Pattinson had been cast for the role, but Deadline confirmed that a decision has not officially been made by Warner Bros.

Robert IS on the short list, but so is Nicholas Hoult - who stars in Tolkien and the new X-Men movie Dark Phoenix.

Director Matt Reeves previously stated that he wanted a younger actor "in his early 30's" to play the iconic character in the upcoming film, The Batman. Ben Affleck was the most recent actor to take on the role in Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League.

Of course - social media had a LOT of thoughts when the news first broke about Robert Pattinson. But although he's most well-known as the star of the Twilight movies, he's gone on to star in many smaller films and established himself as an incredible actor in the years since then.

(via Deadline)

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