Shawn Mendes Left His Boxers at John Mayer's

Shawn Mendes left his boxer briefs behind at John Mayer’s hotel room.

Mayer told Andy Cohen he collaborated on a song with Shawn, who was on the road and out of clean boxer briefs. Shawn asked “Do you think I could Postmates underwear?”

Instead, John Mayer sent his assistant to shop for Shawn’s boxers “He’s a size medium, by the way. My assistant buys a bag full of medium-sized boxer briefs. We finish the song. He leaves but doesn’t take the underwear with him.” (Billboard)

John Mayer also let Andy Cohen know that rumors he dated Kourtney Kardashian are completely false “Little suspicious about the origin of the story. If the call is coming from inside the house it’s diabolical and genius.”

John suspects either Kourtney and possibly Kris Jenner started the rumor (quote) “Kris is the Yoda of Hollywood serotonin [a feel-good hormone]. She has a good grasp on how to make seratonin burst in your brain.” (Us Weekly)

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