Amber Heard Getting Death Threats

Amber Heard has faced serious backlash for speaking out against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. And now she's revealed in a new interview that she’s received many death threats.

She doesn't directly mention that the threats are related to her abuse allegations, but she talks about “standing up for what’s right” and “speaking your truth.”

For refusing to be “silenced,” Amber says she’s gotten death threats, been harrassed, bullied, and had her career, livelihood and safety threatened – yet she's "still here."

“[My professional accomplishments are] nothing in comparison to the pride I feel for what I stood up for because it was right and true,” she adds. “I did that despite what it cost me. The wealth of pride gives back to me and will give back to my daughters and their daughters. I would rather be unpopular.”

ALSO - the latest development in their public feud is that Johnny Depp is accusing Amber and a friend of coming up with a plan for a fake 911 call on the night of the alleged assault that started Amber's legal battle.

You can read more about that here.

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