Justin Bieber Taking Heat over Chris Brown Comments

Oops, Justin Bieber stepped in it again. A week after he called out Eminem for dissing young rappers, Bieber was at it again over the weekend with an Instagram post that outrageously said, "Michael Jackson plus Tupac equals Chris Brown."

Bieb said that some have overlooked Brown's "talent because of a mistake he made." It's not as if Brown has been an angel except for that time in 2009 when he beat the tar out of Rihanna. Last January he was arrested on rape charges in Paris. (To be fair, he was released without any charges being filed in that.)

Bieber's followers let him have it, noting his post was "super insensitive and disrespectful to victims of abuse," while another said, "A mistake??? Are you [bleeping] kidding me?" (Cosmopolitan)

Chris Brown celebrated his 30th birthday on Saturday.

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