Meghan Markle Unfollowed Prince William on Instagram - Here's Why

Royal watchers were shocked to see that Meghan Markle unfollowed Prince William and Kate Middleton on Instagram.

She renewed rumors of a royal rift. Yet, Meghan and Prince Harry’s purpose was to promote Mental Health Awareness Month. Their Sussex Royal Instagram unfollowed every account linked to the Royal family.

Social media has a way of deflating a person’s self-esteem. Everybody is too beautiful on Instagram. Bullies lurk on Twitter. Who doesn’t look adorable on Facebook?

Meghan and Harry pruned the accounts they follow down to 16 and posted the message (quote) “We are hoping to shine a light on several Instagram accounts that promote mental well-being, mental fitness, body positivity, self-care, and the importance of human connection — to not just hear each other, but to listen.” (Us Weekly)

How cheeky of the Royal family to tease around the gossip.

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