Meghan Markle Visited by the Queen - Is the Royal Baby Here?

Royal watchers believe Meghan Markle may have already delivered her baby.

Or she was never pregnant in the first place. There’s a cult that believes Meghan faked it. She cradled her bogus baby bump to play to the crowd that bought into the lie. Instead, the so-called “Duchess of Deception” hired a surrogate – according to the conspiracy theorists. They call themselves the Megxiteers. (The Daily Beast)

On the other hand, Royal watchers noted that on Easter Sunday Queen Elizabeth II made a surprise visit to Prince Harry’s residence at Frogmore Cottage. Meghan was set on a home delivery. The sleuths say these puzzle pieces fit into place.

Harry and Meghan also announced that they would not participate in the Royal tradition of parading the child in front of photographers. The arrival of their first child would be a private moment. It could be weeks before there is any official word from Buckingham Palace. (E! News)

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