Is Adele Already Divorced?

Adele just announced that she’s separated from her husband Simon Konecki, but one report claims the couple is actually already divorced.

The British tabloid Daily Star quotes a source who claims Adele has told her friends, “I'm divorced now, so I'm trying to find my new normal.”

The insider says, "Publicly, Adele is saying as little as possible about the split. But, privately, she's been very open about the fact that her and Simon have already divorced. She's been telling friends that the marriage is done and dusted.”

Meanwhile, The Sun writes that Adele has already moved on, and has been seen going on dates with a guy who looks awfully like her ex.

“She has developed a real soft spot for American guys since living in LA and had a kiss with a very handsome gentleman in a New York bar,” another insider shares.

“He had a big beard like Simon, but it was tidier and more groomed. They’re getting to know each other better but Adele is by no means looking for anything serious.”

Looks like things with Simon ended a lot earlier than we were told!

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