Nicole Kidman Doesn't Let Daughters Have Instagram Or Cell Phones

I think this is actually a great idea!

While Nicole Kidman keeps her two younger daughters close, bringing them with her on set and around the world, she does have a rule for them that she admits might make her a little “unpopular.”

Kidman’s daughter Faith is 8 years old and Sunday is 10, and she's managed to keep them pretty unplugged compared to most kids these days.

“I try to keep some sort of boundaries,” Kidman says. “They don’t have a phone and I don’t allow them to have an Instagram.”

When she and husband Keith Urban aren't busy with their careers, the family usually lives a pretty quiet life in Nashville, Tennessee...but she says she doesn’t mind being a “tour wife,” either.

“It’s extremely simple with what we want from each other and what we want from a relationship, just peas in a pod in that regard,” she says.

Read her full interview about her life as a mom and upcoming projects, like Big Little Lies season 2, at Vanity Fair.

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