The Goop Mother's Day Gift Guide Is Here

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop just released their annual Mother’s Day Gift Guide – while the items are sure to make your mom or boo’s day, it’ll cost you a pretty penny. E! News did the math… estimated from the max cost of each item, the entire list adds up to almost $55,000.

Basically, you could buy your mom a new car… or a variety of beauty and lifestyle goods. The list includes luxury sleepwear, a constellation vase, a stone diffuser, gold jewelry, an Hermés Birkin bag, and “organic postpartum meal delivery.”

When it comes to the more affordable selections, there are some options ranging from $20-$40. For example, you could get the woman in your life some new dishes, a glass much for $22, a dry brush for $20, or Goop Beauty’s Detox Bath Soak for $35. Check out the full list HERE.


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