Meghan Markle Preps for Motherhood: Officially Done with Dad?

Meghan Markle is ready to go into first-time mom mode, and she’s not letting her estranged family members’ drama distract her. According to Royal expert Katie Nicholl, she’s over being hurt by the constant negative headlines and television interviews.

Things have been relatively quiet from Thomas and Samantha Markle’s side as of late, with the exception of Samantha advertising her upcoming books about her Royal half-sis. It looks like Meghan’s taken it as a sign to focus on what’s really important – her own growing family.

We told you before that sources were saying Meghan wants to reconcile with her estranged fam after she gives birth. It’s unclear if her plans have changed, but Nicholl says she’s “moved on.” “She’s really been incredibly hurt and disappointed by how many members of her family have behaved, but from what I’m told, she’s moved on,” she notes.

·ONE MORE THING! We’ve been telling you that Meghan and Prince Harry have been taking a non-traditional approach to the plans around the birth of their first child – at least, by Royal standards. But according to People, the change has been mostly welcomed by both fans and the Royal family. “People are delighted that Meghan is doing things differently,” says Royal author Ingrid Seward. “She was under no pressure to do things the same.”

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