Ja Rule Owes Over $2 Million To The IRS

Ja Rule has already served time in prison in 2011 for tax evasion, but now it looks like he's once again in trouble with the IRS.

He reportedly owes over $2 million in taxes, and in early March, the government issued a lien for $443,442 on back taxes from income he earned in 2016. This is in addition to an updated lien for back taxes from 2005 through 2008 - which makes the grand total he owes $2,031,753!

His wife, Aisha, is also named on the liens.

It's likely that Fyre Festival was a big source of some of the untaxed income.

Ja Rule hasn’t responded to the liens as of April 15th, according to public records. But he and his wife don't seem to be bothered by it - as they're currently on vacation in Thailand.

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