Amber Heard Doubles Down On Abuse Allegations Against Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp recently filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, calling her abuse claims “an elaborate hoax.”

Heard has finally responded by doubling down on her allegations, giving details of multiple times of abuse during their marriage in documents obtained by Page Six. And while Depp claims he has evidence that she’s faked the attacks, Heard says that she has screenshots showing Depp calling himself a “savage” and apologizing for going too far with his "rage."

She claims that Depp has repeatedly shoved her, hit her, ripped out her hair, choked her near suffocation, and even threatened to “kill” her on one occasion.

One of the alleged attacks was on a private flight in 2014, when Depp was drunk and jealous that she had just filmed a romantic scene with James Franco for a movie. She says he'd always apologize when he sobered up, and she provided screenshots of one apology HERE.

According to Heard, the alcohol and substance abuse were a big factor in the abuse. In March 2015, a month into their marriage, Depp was supposed to be clean, but Heard says he went on a three-day ecstasy bender that led to another “heated” argument that turned violent.

Read the full story HERE.

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