Joe Jonas Knows How 'Game Of Thrones' Ends

Joe Jonas knows how Game of Thrones ends. But he’s sworn to secrecy.

HBO required Jonas to sign a non-disclosure agreement. All the actors, including his fiancée Sophie Turner, are legally bound not to reveal spoilers of this final season.

Turner told Good Morning America“Joe was on set for most of this season. They confiscated his phone. But he still kind of figured out the ending. So they made him sign an NDA.”

According his fiancée, Joe Jonas is “terrible” at keeping secrets. She said despite the NDA, (quote) “You can give him a call, he'll probably tell you everything.”

Joe signed an NDA, but his brothers didn’t. Go ask Nick and Kevin, because they likely know from what Joe told them.

  • Game of Thrones arrives -- after a lengthy hiatus -- on Sunday, April 14th.
  • Kit Harrington will guest host Saturday Night Live this weekend.
  • As an April Fools’ joke on The Tonight Show, actress Maisie Williams “accidentally” spoiled her Thrones character’s death.

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