Spice Girls Hooking Up? One Says Yes, Another Says...

Let's take things back to...around 1999, friend!

Spice Girl Mel B recently admitted that she had a sexual encounter with band mate Geri Halliwell (now Horner) during their Spice Girls heyday, and now Geri is finally commenting on the revelation, and she’s denying it.

"It has been very disappointing to read about all these rumors again,” reads an official statement. "Geri loves the Spice Girls: Emma, Melanie, Melanie and Victoria [Beckham]. She would like [the fans] to know that what has been reported recently is simply not true and has been very hurtful to her family.”

The statement adds, “Moving forward, Geri can’t wait to see the girls and all the fans on the tour, have an amazing time with everyone, and make some new memories.”

Source: Daily Mail

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