Justin Bieber Taking Heat After April Fools Pregnancy Prank

Justin Bieber has got his fans all confused. The singer posted a picture of a sonogram on Instagram yesterday, which many folks quickly guessed was an April Fools Day prank, some fans were duped. 

The picture had all the signs of a prank, especially since it was April Fools, the sonogram was dated February 2nd, and it was a photo easily found on Google image. Plus, Justin’s wife Hailey, pretty much debunked the post, writing, “very funny” and “Husbands, lol.” 

·But Justin wasn’t ready to give up on his prank and followed up the sonogram post with pictures of Hailey possibly getting an ultrasound, with the caption, “If U thought it was April fools,” seemingly suggesting he’s not joking.

·In the end though, it really was all a joke, with Justin posting yet another sonogram photo, this time with a dog in place of the baby, and the caption, "Wait omg is that a,,, APRIL FOOLS." 

Fans weren't exactly happy with Justin's prank, with many noting that to women who've suffered a miscarriage or can't conceive there's nothing funny about it.

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