Tom Cruise Bans Nicole Kidman From Their Son's Wedding

Tom Cruise's 24-year-old son Connor is getting married soon, but one person who won’t be there is his own mother, Nicole Kidman.

Tom reportedly doesn’t want her there because she's considered a "suppressive person" by the Church of Scientology - a label that they give to people who they feel have betrayed its teachings and left the church, and therefore they are banned from having contact with them.

“Tom is behind this and what he wants is as good as law,” an source told Radar Online. “Tom made the call and Connor followed. Connor worships the ground his father walks on and would never disobey Tom.”

Apparently Connor and his bride-to-be Silvia are Scientologists in good standing, and she also comes from a family of devout Scientologists.

Kidman and Cruise have barely spoken since their divorce, and Kidman (a devout Catholic) privately loathes Scientology and blames it for ruining her marriage and separating her from her children, Connor and Isabella.

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