'Empire' Cast Reportedly Divided Over Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett still doesn't have the full support of his Empire family despite all of the criminal charges against him being dropped.

Sources tell TMZ that things are still very divided among cast and crew - and there are some people who believe "the dismissal of charges is a vindication, proving Jussie was a victim."

Plenty of people on the set are reportedly also shocked by the lack of consequences and don't want him to return.

If the show does return for a 6th season, there's definitely still a chance that he could be cut from it after this whole situation.

ONE MORE THING: The case still isn't technically closed. The FBI is still investigating the letter that was sent 8 days before the "attack," to determine if Jussie it. If so , he could face federal charges. 

(via TMZ)

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