Chris Pratt Gave Anna Faris A "Heads Up" Before Proposing To Fiancée

We already know that Chris Pratt’s ex Anna Faris was among the first people to know that he had proposed to his now-fiancée Katherine Schwarzenegger, but it turns out he also made sure to give her a “heads up” even before he did it.

Speaking on the“Divorce Sucks!” podcast, Faris says that “grudge-holding” isn’t her and Pratt’s thing. So, whether it’s about celebrating the holidays together or announcing engagements, they stay on the same page.

“We wanted to make sure that [our son] Jack was happy, but [also] that we were happy and supportive of each other,” Faris explains.

So, when Pratt knew that he was going to propose to Katherine, he let Faris know.

“He was so sweet, as he always is,” Faris adds. “He called me like, ‘I’m going to ask Katherine to marry me, I just wanted to give you a heads-up,’ and I was like, ‘that’s awesome!’”

You can listen to the full podcast HERE.

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