New Jersey High School Performs 'Alien' For Their School Play

I WISH I could've gone to a high school like this!!

North Bergen High School in New Jersey is going viral after they put on a staged production of the classic 1979 horror/sci-fi film Alien.

Photos and videos of their school production, Alien The Play, were posted on Twitter over the weekend and quickly gained a ton of attention from fans, and even filmmakers!

"Our performance of Alien really shows you can do so much with so little and as long as there is a passion there to do these things, they are possible," Steven Defendini, the play's art director, told BuzzFeed News. He said that he and a crew of six students built all of the plays sets and costumes, and they were all made from recycled materials.

Defendini said that the school's annual play usually has only a small amount of supportive parents in the audience - and their play last year was Night of The Living Dead!

Every horror fan is now wishing that our high schools were THIS cool.

(via Buzzfeed News)

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