TONYA HARDING 2.0: Skater Accused of Slashing Rival

A scandal is brewing within competitive figure skating. A South Korean skater accused her American rival of intentionally slicing her leg with the sharp skate blade.

On Wednesday, with gold medals on the line, Mariah Bell and 16-year-old Lim Eun-Soo collided during rehearsals at the World Figure Skating Championships. Bell’s skate sliced open Lim’s calf.

A witness said Bell followed Lim on the warm-up schedule “Lim was slowly skating on the edge of the rink. Then Mariah Bell kicked and stabbed Lim’s calf with her skate blades.” Bell skated away without apologizing.

Yesterday, the International Skating Union reviewed thefuzzy video of the incident. They found “no evidence” that Bell deliberately tried to sabotage her rival. (Yonhap News, South Korea)

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