According To Science, We All Turn Into Our Parents By Age 35

If you’re worried about turning into your mom or dad one day, you can relax (kinda). Science says it’s definitely going to happen. And it’s probably sooner than you think.

According to a new study from the U.K., we all turn into our parents sometime in our early to mid-30's.

Dr. Julian De Silva surveyed more than 2,000 people about when they started to feel and act more like their moms and dads, in terms of starting to read and watch the same media, to just liking the same things and using the same sayings that they rolled their eyes at as kids.

And it turns out, more than half (52%) started acting like their moms between 30 and 35. As for men, most start turning into their dads by age 34.

De Silva says a lot of it has to do with becoming a parent. When we start raising our own families, the way we act reflects the way we were raised. So it makes sense it happens around the average age that most of us become parents ourselves.

(via Scary Mommy)

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