These Are The Most Instagramed Landmarks In The U.S.

People these days LOVE to take tons of photos when visiting high-profile U.S. landmarks, and a new report reveals which ones are the most popular on Instagram.

The UK travel planning site Pettitts analyzed data from Instagram to reveal the most popular U.S. landmarks on the social media platform.

Topping the list is the always busy Times Square in New York City, with 7,397,182 posts. Coming in second is New York’s Central Park, with 5,207,596 posts... followed by Walt Disney World in Florida with 5,159,291 posts.

And it turns out New York is actually quite an Instagramable city - 6 of the top 10 landmarks are in NY, with 14 places ranking in the Top 50 overall.

Top Ten Most Instagramed U.S. Landmarks

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  1. Times Square, New York, NY
  2. Central Park, New York, NY
  3. Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL
  4. The Met, New York, NY
  5. Epcot Center, Orlando, FL
  6. Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY
  7. Grand Canyon, Arizona
  8. Rockefeller Center, New York, NY
  9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  10. Empire State Building, New York, NY

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