The Pizza Hut P'Zone Is Making A Comeback

Last week Pizza Hut teased fans with a tweet about a “mystery for all you Internet detectives,” and it had a photo of a stage with the words: “A Legend Returns.”

Well, the mystery is over and the legendary menu item is... the beloved P’Zone! It’s making a comeback after 17 long years away, and after tons of people kept asking for it.

The P'Zone is a toasted parmesan pizza crust filled with pizza toppings and melted cheese, baked like a calzone and served with marinara dipping sauce. It first made its debut in 2002, and it'll be back on menus just in time to celebrate Pizza Hut’s return as the Official Pizza of NCAA March Madness.

They come in three flavors: Pepperoni, Supremo, and Meaty, and they'll be part of the $5 Lineup.

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