Grandfather Gets Chainsaw To The Face, Drives Himself To Hospital

An Australian grandfather sliced his face and tongue in half with a chainsaw and ended up driving himself to the hospital!

Bill Singleton had told his wife he was headed out to cut some firewood. He had driven through a solitary, winding dirt road to reach where the firewood would be cut. While cutting the wood, the chainsaw had ricocheted off the timber and back towards his face - and he sliced his face and tongue in half!

With nobody around to help, he held his face together and realized he couldn't call anyone because he couldn't talk. His tongue was split in two. So he 'tied his head together' and hopped in his truck and drove 20 miles away to the nearest hospital.

There, surgeons worked on him for hours and managed to put his face back together again. Surgeons said he was 'one centimeter' from severing his carotid artery and they can't believe he was able to drive all that way!

They also said it's a good thing he didn't look at himself in the mirror, otherwise, he might not have made it. 

Check out the crazy news story and photos below!

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