Brad and Angelina Just Want To Be Single Already

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly tired of being an estranged married couple. They're trying to work out a settlement that will officially declare them as divorced and single.

Sources close to the former couple say Jolie and Pitt are negotiating a “bifurcated judgment” of their status as a married couple. Basically, they will both be considered divorced and single, but will still have to negotiate the final judgement, including assets and custody.

The source says they “both want to get on with their lives and no longer want to be married to each other," and that they need to “emotionally move on.”

The final settlement will likely take several months, as there are lots of financial specifics to sift through on both sides. Jolie and Pitt have a temporary custody order in place while they continue to negotiate the final deals.

(via The Blast)

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