Ed Sheeran Feuding With Neighbors over His "Pond"

Ed Sheeran is feuding with his neighbors. They are claiming that a "pond" he built near his Suffolk mansion could be used as a swimming pool.

Aerial pictures show the large kidney-shaped pond, which he built on his estate at the beginning of last year. He was seeking permission from the local city council for his water feature, promising it would be used as a wildlife pond to "support nature conservation". 

The application Ed submitted said that the pond housed "well-established" water plants and an "array of wildlife", including a common newt and a water boatman. The council had no problem granting his request as long as the pond was not used for swimming. However, neighbors are convinced that Ed is planning on using it as a swimming pool over the summer.

A jetty and a set of steps were recently added to the pond and he says they were needed to help clean the pond. Neighbors are not buying it and in fact, a few of them have already complained about the loud music coming from his property on a regular basis. 

Source: SKY NEWS

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