Bachelor Recap: Colton Only Has Eyes for Cassie?

The two-part Bachelor finale began Monday night with host Chris Harrison and the show's producers searching for Colton, who took a leap of faith and went AWOL over a wall after Cassie rejected him.

When he was finally found, Colton told Harrison, (quote) "I'm [bleeping] done." But the following day Colton reconsidered and told Chris that (quote) "Cassie shut my heart off," but he did have feels for Hannah G. and Tayshia. However, he still said he wanted to (quote) "fight for someone to love," even if that someone -- i.e. Cassie -- had kicked him to the curb.

Colton went off to meet with Tayshia and tell her (quote) "My heart's with somebody else. I love Cassie."

Colton then gave the same spiel to poor Hannah G., who didn't take it as well, bursting into tears. Later, in the studio, poor Hannah said, (quote) "I want someone to jump a fence for me!" (TVLine)

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