Disney Streaming Service Will Include Their "Entire Motion Picture Library"

The upcoming Disney+ streaming service will reportedly include the “entire Disney motion picture library,” which will end Disney's "vault" system for the first time.

Reported by Polygon, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that the entire Disney motion picture library will come to the service shortly after it launches this year.

As most Disney fans know, the "Disney Vault" is a system where Disney only made certain animated classics available for home video at a time. Disney initiated the practice as a way to control its own market and drive up demand whenever it released a new edition of an old classic.

They currently cycle 34 movies in and out of the vault. For example, if you wanted to buy Pinocchio on Blu-Ray, you’d have to be lucky enough that it happened to be out of the vault at that point in time. After every copy of that movie has been sold, it goes back into the vault for another several years.

The official start date and cost of Disney+ is said to be announced soon.

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