5 Things you should NOT say to your kids

It's okay...I think we are all guilty of some of these. Saw this trending earlier and had to post! Top 5 things we should not say to our kids.

1. "I'm on a diet." you're setting them up to have body issues. 

2. "You’re amazing." You SHOULD tell them they're amazing. Just not all the time.

3. "You’re the smartest."  Sometimes kids hear it too much and we all know THEY AIN'T. haha

4. "Don’t make me turn the car around." Do parents really still say that? Don't say it unless YOU really are going to turn the car around.

5. "Leave me alone." Saying something like, "I need some me-time right now" can accomplish the same thing. And it's less likely to hurt their feelings. 

what blog about parenting is complete without a random tip from Dr. Phil...haha!

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