The Bachelor: A Shocking Departure and Colton Leaping over a Fence

Colton Underwood finally jumped the fence. The Bachelor needed to escape the cameras and microphones to process the fact that has favorite, Cassie, had dumped him.

Her father flew all the way to Portugal to c-block Colton. Dad knocked on her hotel room door and convinced Cassie that she wasn’t falling in love with The Bachelor. He advised Cassie to be brutally honest with Colton.

She reduced Colton to tears by telling him, (quote) “I want what my dad and my mom have. I don't have that right now.” He tried valiantly to win her back with a slew of compliments. Colton then compromised, (quote) “It's OK to take your time, I effing love you. I want it to be you at the end -- engagement or not.”

Cassie crushed his heart by saying, (quote) “I want you to be with someone who's insanely in love with you. I'm not sure I can get there.” Colton freaked out, smashed some stuff, ripped off his microphone and like a gazelle, he jumped the fence.

A preview of the next episode shows Colton screaming and crying as the production crew chases after him. (Entertainment Tonight)

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