Kylie Thinks Travis Scott Is Cheating!

Did Travis Scott cheat on Kylie Jenner? Apparently, that’s what she thinks

According to reports, Travis - who’s currently on his “Astroworld” tour - took a break to surprise his baby mama on Wednesday. When he got there, she reportedly discovered evidence of his cheating and flipped out. Sources say that a “major argument erupted” that evening...and that it carried over into yesterday.They say it was so bad that he cancelled his Buffalo concert so he could have time to “deal with it.” 

Of course, Scott’s rep is denying everything. “He did not cheat,” the rep said. “He cancelled one show tonight because he is under the weather.” The Buffalo concert date has been rescheduled for March 10th. 

  • FOR THE RECORD... Kylie is probably hypersensitive right now since her best friend, Jordyn Woods, was caught with Tristan Thompson, Khloé Kardashian’s baby daddy. And Travis probably doesn’t want any trouble in paradise.

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