R. Kelly's Still in Jail on Sex Abuse Charges

Unlike many celebrities who score a quick "get out of jail" after an arrest - R. Kelly is still enjoying the accommodations of a Cook County jail after surrendering to police on Friday night. Charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sex abuse, the indictment alleges that the 52-year-old abused four young women – at least three of them minors – from 1998 to 2010. Not surprisingly, his lawyer Steve Greenberg, claims that the girls are lying. 

But according to Michael Avenatti? The tapes he turned over to authorities show Kelly allegedly assaultinga 14-year-old girl as she calls him “Daddy” somewhere around 1999. Both Kelly and the girl state her age out loud during various sex acts. He also is seen relievinghimself on the girl.

Avenatti – who best known for representing Stormy Daniels – is representing two of the alleged victims, two parents, and a pair of whistleblowers who can be described as knowing the singer and being a part of his inner circle. 

·So why's he still in jail?Kelly's bond was set at a million dollars, but he can’t afford to paythe ten percent – $100-thousand – required for him to walk free. Greenberg blames mismanagement and bad contracts. “This is someone who should be wealthy,” he said. “I don’t think he even owns the rights to ‘I Believe I Can Fly.’” Either way, he's due in court today - and Greenberg says he expects he'll be release at that time. 

·ONE MORE THING! Adding to the drama? Kelz also owes almost $170-thousand in back child support. Unless he pays up by March 6th, he’s facing jail time. If he's not able to bond out today...he may very well remain in jail by the time that court case rolls around.

·BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE! Since “Surviving R. Kelly” aired last month, he’s being investigated in three different states and by the fedsfor a “wide range” of alleged crimes, including sex trafficking. Officials in Georgia have reactivated a local investigation in Fulton County that had been launched earlier this year after two sets of parents came forward and claimed Kelly was holding their daughters against their will as part of a “cult.”

Source: Chicago Sun Times

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