WATCH: Halsey Stars in Hot Video with Rumored Boyfriend

As we previously told you, Halsey and her rumored boyfriend Yungblud recently dropped the collaboration “11 Minutes,” featuring Travis Barker, and now the artists have released a video for the track.

The clip has Yungblud making several unsuccessful attempts to get to Halsey, who’s been in a car accident, with only 11 minutes to get there. The clip follows him as he goes through all the stages of grief, and also features clips of them during happier times.

“to me this is the story of modern love in society - we are so distracted n focused on whats next we fail to see whats actually in front of us,” he tweets of the video, “we don’t realise how much we depend on something til its taken away. i do it a lot. but its important to me to focus on the right now.”

Check out the video (heads up...there is explicit content):

Halsey must be REALLY happy bc she's posting pics where she's SMILING!

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