Liam Hemsworth Misses Grammys due to Kidney Stone Surgery

Miley Cyrus replaced Liam Hemsworth at the Los Angeles premiere of the comedy Isn't It Romantic .

Liam is laid up in the hospital due to kidney stones. Typically, patients are hospitalized following surgery. Doctors slice out the hard clumps blocking the urinary tract.

Basically, Liam rushed to the emergency room because the stones plugged his pee hole. ( E! News )

Liam shared from his hospital bed with his 12 million Instagram followers, “Sorry I couldn't make it to the @IsntItRomantic premiere. Been dealing with some pretty annoying health stuff.”

Miley replied at her Instagram account, “My hunky hubby @LiamHemsworth unfortunately wasn’t able to attend due to health reasons... but he is recovering and taking this time to rest / heal.”

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