The sacrifice of a parent....sandwich edition

This is a very simple blog for being a parent. It's about putting the needs of your child over yours! THIS is the simplest metaphor. My beautiful wife made my son his typical PB sandwich for lunch (BECAUSE that's all he'll eat as a 1st grader at the moment.). This morning we were at the low end of the loaf...a decision had to be made as to who gets the better/less stale piece! Now....I may have been guilty of putting the butt end on the inside of a peanut butter sandwich before. That way my 7yr old doesn't even know that I left him all crusty as the PB covers the burnt side! TODAY...on a MONDAY....daddy got the butt side! Because...he is just getting over the flu and deserves the best-ish. He shall not suffer the embarrassment of butt bread during his lunch hour!!! Instead, I will...and I shall blog about it and post on the IG. Is this much of anything? I making nothing out of something....YES!



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