Ariana Grande's Grammy Temper-Tantrum Continues

Winning her first Grammy wasn’t enough for Ariana Grande .

She took offense at Mac Miller losing Best Rap Album to Cardi B .

This was a double-whammy to Ariana. Mac is her dearly-departed soulmate. This nomination was his final chance at winning a Grammy. Also, Cardi became the first woman to win Best Rap Album even though Ariana’s BFF Nicki Minaj released four albums before Cardi made Invasion of Privacy .

Ariana tweeted and then deleted four-letter expletives at seeing Cardi win over Mac Miller and Nicki Minaj (quote) “Eff. Trash. Literal BS.”

Ari seemed most upset that Mac’s parents got a special invite to attend the Grammys . The Recording Academy built up their expectation. Then they sat dumb-founded watching Cardi B take the honors. ( Variety )

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