Denise Richards Reveals One of Her Daughters Has Special Needs

Denise Richards is opening up about her unique experience as a mother. She’s revealed that one of her daughter’s, seven-year-old Eloise , has special needs. Little Eloise was apparently diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder two and a half years ago.

Richards adopted Eloise as a single mother in 2011, and noticed the first signs of her chromosomal disorder when she was a baby. She says the disorder “caused a lot of developmental delays,” like the longtime inability to sit up on her own, and not being able to start walking until two years old (thanks to physical therapy).

Now, Richards says she’s still navigating the disorder – Eloise “can only say a handful of words,” and some days she’s more “her age” than others. “It’s been challenging,” Richards adds. “I’m learning every day because they don’t really have a road map for her particular case.”

Source: People

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